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Since about 1975 collecting clocks has been my undying passion. 

It started with a discarded master clock built by Telefonbau and Normalzeit (T&N) which had been used by the German railways.

TuN  Mutteruhr




TuN  Nebenuhr


I purchased the clock at scrap-metal price, and soon a fitting slave clock was found by an employee of the same firm which ignited my enthusiasm for these clocks and was the foundation of my hobby.

Since then I have specialised in Ato clocks with a magnetic pendulum system. 
As these clocks were extensively built in France in great quantities and styles, this field of collection is almost unlimited.

Through my membership in the German Chronometric Society (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Chronometrie, DGC) and the Antiquarian Horological Society (AHS), I keep in contact with fellow collectors which leads to extensive exchange of knowledge within the Group of Friends of Electric Clocks, a working group for experts and collectors of these clocks.